Excellent wine.

Manuela Silva

These two wines are of my choice. I had the pleasure to taste them very carefully and they were a pleasant surprise. They are different wines, “CABEÇA DE TOIRO SPECIAL SELECTION RED” has greater complexity, structure, with good mouth presence and vigorous style, whilst “CABEÇA DE TOIRO RESERVA RED” is a fresher wine, soft and elegant. As my knowledge about wines is very much based on readings and mainly on the experience, these are the notes that I could retain of these two wonderful wines that paired my meals very well and that I recommend.
“CABEÇA DE TOIRO” is a wine not to be drunk, but to be appreciated.

Gonçalo Santos

A great mouth taste and an excellent vintage…

Elmano Jorge

As a wine lover … I may be biased but on the basis I am sure that where is a Touriga Nacional, there is a great wine. CABEÇA DE TOIRO has, as I like, fruity aromas typical of the breed well-married with the oak tannins … Very good!

Carlos Portugal

We already have our good moments with this nectar and for sure more will come.

Pedro Inverno

It is a wonderful wine.

David Tomé

Very good. It has conquered me, not only for the price, but for the quality itself.

Jorge Borges

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